Promoting Military Spouse Employment in Colorado Springs

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Are you a military spouse looking for your next job?

What Employers Need to Know

Why hire a military spouse and where can I recruit them?

Legislative Issues

What is the state of Colorado doing to support military spouses in the workforce?

What We Do

The U.S. unemployment rate is approximately 4%.

The military spouse unemployment rate hovers between 18% – 24%.

Why it’s important!

Military spouse unemployment is now a top priority for the Department of Defense and senior government officials. Why? Because it has a direct correlation to retention rates and military readiness. Most families in the U.S. rely on a dual income for basic financial stability. When a spouse cannot find a job, or must take a job beneath her qualifications, it creates pressure on the family to look outside military life or to choose to live apart from their loved ones. And the nation risks losing highly trained and experienced service members.

What role does MSCC play?

The Military Spouse Career Coalition (Colorado Springs) provides a centralized source of information on local and national resources for spouses, best practices for employers, and the latest in legislative updates that impact spouse employment.

“The MSCC is a huge benefit to the military spouses in Colorado Springs; that it is unprecedented…in all the communities where we have lived I’ve never seen such a collaboration on behalf of supporting military spouse employment. A committee where civic and government leaders, higher education institutions, military support and veteran services, local businesses all come together, setting a unique standard~ is truly a model for other communities to emulate.”

Mrs. Mollie RaymondSpouse of General Jay Raymond, Air Force Space Command


Average unemployment rate in the United States


Average military spouse unemployment rate in the United States


Percentage of military spouses report having more education and experience than required for their current position.